Our Business

Agro Commodities

Coffee, Cocoa, Cashew, Rice

At Global Naturals, we ceaselessly plan to grow our regions of business, and be the answer for all your characteristic nourishment necessities. Other than our extensive variety of organic product pulps, concentrates and purees.

Metals & Minerals

Lead Bars, Lead Scrap Aluminium Ingots, Aluminium Scrap, Bauxite Copper Cathodes Cobalt Nickel Lead & Tin Alloy ingots

A metal is a material that is commonly hard when in strong state, hazy, glossy, and has great electrical and warm conductivity. A chunk of metal can be beaten into a thin sheet or can be maneuvered into thin wires.


Timber Logs from Malaysia Timber Logs from New Zealand Timber Logs from Africa Timber Logs from Latin America

Timber is a sort of wood that has been handled into bars and boards, a phase during the time spent wood creation. Timber is for the most part utilized for auxiliary purposes yet has numerous different uses also.

Other Business

Coal Oil & Gas Furnace Oil Petrochemicals & Polymers PP Granules

Coal is a petroleum product that structures when dead plant matter is changed over into peat, which thusly is changed over into lignite, at that point sub-bituminous coal.